Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is it summer yet?

One day back at work and I'm already incredibly stressed out. I'm going to try not to talk about my job much on here since it's been proven that people in my profession have seriously compromised first amendment rights. All I will say is that it's very frustrating when I am doing my very best to teach my students, and it seems like they are doing everything they can to NOT learn (and not take any personal responsibility for it either. Or care.).

I intended to at least consider Day 3 of C25K today but by the time I got home from the grocery store it was dark. I did buy a lot of healthy food. I had mashed avocado on multigrain pita chips as a snack. We had salmon for dinner, but it was a little bleh. I need a new recipe. Tomorrow I will start my day with a cherry vanilla smoothie - some combo of frozen cherries, almond milk, and vanilla low-fat Greek yogurt. Then I will go to work and frantically try to get as much done as possible before homeroom is over and I am already exhausted. Ugh.

Off to go read in bed...I'm about halfway done with "Flowers for Algernon." It's really good. I wish I had someone to discuss it with. Only 2 more days until the weekend...

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